Janine Offutt C.Ht

With the right preparation and support, women often feel empowered and deeply satisfied by natural childbirth.           

     "Women have been delivering babies naturally for millennia."   

"It is what are bodies are designed to do. We are innately prepared with the strength, stamina and ability to nourish a safe and natural pregnancy and childbirth. By supporting the body's own instinctive knowledge, unnecessary medical intervention can often be avoided."

Natural pregnancy includes creating an environment of healthy positive elements, including: eating a variety of whole foods, getting appropriate exercise, listening to positive birth stories, gathering knowledge, planning the ideal care, and partnering with a caregiver who can lead you through each step safely and confidently. As with anything in life, knowledge builds confidence and ability.

 A woman who is supported to labor as she instinctively wants to, is a woman who's likely to feel positive about her birth experience and future parenting skills. Her baby is better able to be alert, and breast feeding is more likely to be satisfying and successful. The fact that neither mom nor baby is medicated, means natural instincts can emerge, and the natural bonding that normally takes place between a mother and her baby can manifest.

I feel blessed to have given birth to my daughters naturally, in the comfort of our home, with the help of midwives, family and friends. Each birth was awesome and challenging (and difficult) in it's own unique way. Combining my personal experience with birth and my skills in hypnosis, allows me to help you move more smoothly through the process of pregnancy and birth.



More and more women are turning to HYPNOSIS to reduce tension, fear and the sensation of pain during childbirth. Some studies show that the use of hypnosis and self-hypnosis during pregnancy and childbirth leads to:

  • Decreased length of labor.
  • Lower cesarean section rates.
  • Decreased use of pain medications.
  • Increased ease and comfort of labor and birth.
  • Greater emotional satisfaction for mothers.


In individual & group hypnosis sessions you'll learn breathing and relaxation techniques, visualizations and self hypnosis to aid you on your journey through pregnancy and birth.