Hypnosis is a state of deeply focused concentration,
relaxed and often dreamlike.

Many people are curious to know how it works and what it feels like.

 Typically, a trained hypnotherapist helps a client ease into a pleasant and comfortable inner realm. Awareness of the outer world fades, as breathing slows. With eyes closed, the client often experiences heightened senses and imagery.

Throughout the trance, the hypnotherapist communicates with the unconscious mind, using positive suggestions, questions, images, ideas and metaphors.

      It's a bit like preparing a garden and planting the seeds of change.

Our unconscious minds are responsible for far more of our thoughts and actions than we might realize. The majority of our beliefs are formed in our childhood, before we turn seven years old. Over the course of a lifetime, we can get mired down in self-limiting ideas and habits. Unfortunately, the memories and beliefs we're not fully conscious of, can sometimes have a greater influence on us than we're ever aware of.

By altering our inner landscape, hypnosis can create a whole new perception of life. It allows our old self-limiting habits and beliefs to fall away, and be replaced with healthier, more affirming ones.

As our self perception changes, we begin to alter our outward behavior.

* Hypnosis is safe and effective *

It has been approved by the American Medical Association since the 1950's.     Still, some people are suspicious of hypnosis, and may fear losing self-control, an idea that's been played up for decades on stage and screen. In reality, hypnosis can't coerce anyone to do things that aren't in keeping with their core beliefs and values. We retain control of our true selves. (Those folks clucking & scratching around like chickens at staged hypnosis shows, are born entertainers, easily picked from the crowd by trained theatrical hypnotists.)

We all regularly experience trance states - for instance, when we "loose" ourselves in a fascinating book, or forget that we're even driving on familiar roadways. We often dip in and out of these slower brain wavelengths as we fall asleep at night.


A good hypnotherapist helps a client ease into a relaxed trance quite naturally. During sessions, the unconscious mind resonates with the hypnotist's words,    and pays attention to what rings true.

 Old problems are reframed in a new light, leading the way to peaceful resolution.

Many people like to learn self-hypnosis to enhance their ongoing search for       well being. In just a few sessions, you can familiarize yourself with visualizations and other techniques that support your natural ability to slow down and go within. When we become comfortable with our unconscious selves, it's easier to heal the blocks that keep us from living life to the fullest. Enjoy the journey.

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